Fractional Resort Ownership

Written by Diane Sievert
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Fractional resort ownership is a relatively new vacation option but one that is rapidly garnering interest. If you're interested in developing a fractional resort, now is the time to act. Read on to learn more about the current status of the fractional market.

Market Statistics of Time Share and Fractional Resort Ownership

The time share concept was initially developed in the 1970s and has therefore had some time to become an established vacation market commodity. At this time, there are an estimated 1,600 time share products that exist in popular U.S. vacation locales and another 560 in places like Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Though new time shares are still being developed, it is not what one would call an untapped market.

Unlike time shares, fractional resort ownership is a relatively new idea. There were hardly any fractionals available before 1999 and those that were available were overwhelmingly located in prime skiing locales. The success of fractional resort ownership in these place quickly caught on and now PRCs are being developed across the country.

At this time there are less than one hundred true fractional projects existing in the continental United States, though there are about 30 or so in development. The result is a market that is, as of right now, quite green. If developing a fractional resort is a business venture that appeals to you, this is the time to take action.

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