Fractional Trading

Written by Diane Sievert
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Fractional trading is on the rise as fractional home ownership continues to grow. Savvy vacationers know that purchasing a fractional is a wise economic move, but they may tire of vacationing in the same location year after year. Fractional trading allows the owner to experience the same luxury of fractional vacationing in more than one locale.

The Ins and Outs of Fractional Trading

Fractional trading is an option more and more fractional management companies are beginning to offer. This kind of vacation program is flexible enough to satisfy those who really like new experiences. At the same time, however, it tends to be less expensive than simply paying out of pocket for hotel rooms each time you go on a trip.

Most trading programs run according to the following rules: the consumer purchases a particular kind of vacation home (i.e., four bedroom luxury house on resort grounds) from a management company. The consumer's purchase will be also be for a specified amount of time. Every year the consumer then has the option of staying in a four bedroom luxury house at any of the resorts the management company maintains.

This kind of program appeals to the vacationer who wants guaranteed luxury accommodations each year, but also wants the ability to choose where those accommodations are located. In the end, similar hotel accommodations are much costlier because hotels have to charge enough to make up for their down time. Since fractional resorts already have your money, there's no need to jack up the prices and, in the end, membership is a wiser economic move.

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