Fractional Vacation Ownership

Written by Diane Sievert
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Fractional vacation ownership is not a completely new idea. There are several areas of the market that are currently untapped. Right now, prime skiing and golfing locales dominate the fractional market. There are, however, more options if you're interested in developing a fractional resort.

Open Areas in the Fractional Vacation Ownership Market

The majority of fractional development projects in places like Aspen are either completed or well underway. However, that doesn't mean that the market is tapped--quite the opposite is true, actually. Less famous destinations are also worth a gander.

Fractional vacation ownership is underrepresented in more regional vacation destinations. Think of areas like Vermont, Stowe, central Oregon and Napa Valley. While these vacation destinations may not have the national draw of places like Aspen, they do appeal to the nearby affluent.

They key to making a go of fractional vacation ownership in regional areas like these is accessibility. Consumers will tolerate up to four or five hours of travel time, but do not want their trip to exceed six to eight hours. Offering fractional ownership in a regional area can therefore be a successful venture as long as the local affluent have ready access to your resort.

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