Hawaii Time Share Resales

Written by Gregg Ruais
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If you plan on purchasing a time share in order to travel the world, consider purchasing a vacation condo in Hawaii, one of the most sought after vacation destinations on Earth. There are two types of Hawaii time share owners: points members and weeks members. Regardless of the time share you purchase, buying in Hawaii will give you tremendous bartering power when you plan on taking vacations outside the Aloha State.

Bartering Power of Hawaii Time Shares

Personally, I recommend becoming a points member. Points can be used as currency, and if you have enough points to spend two weeks in Hawaii each year, you'll have plenty of points to go any place in the world. Say, for example, you purchase a time share in Hawaii that allows you to stay for two weeks each year, costing 100,000 points. If you decide to take a less extravagant vacation to Maine that costs only 20,000 points, you will have 80,000 points that carry over to the next year. These extra points can be used for the most extravagant accommodations, airline tickets, car rentals, and many other purposes.

Hawaii is one of very few locations that is popular all year. Other locations have busy and slow seasons, usually due to fluctuations in the weather. Since any time of year is ideal to visit Hawaii, time share owners on the islands have the option of vising just about anywhere in the world at any time of year. Since Hawaii is a paradise, it's always nice to have it as a vacation option any time you want.

If owning a Hawaii time share is such a great deal, you might wonder why people ever resell their vacation property. People who lose their passion for travel may give up their time shares for no other reason than they want the money for other things. Others sell in order to aid their retirement, and others want money for down payments on new homes. You will find the best deals from sellers who are in "must sell" life situations. By bargain hunting at various internet sites, you might find the deal of a lifetime that will allow you to travel the world.

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