Holiday Ownership

Written by Diane Sievert
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Holiday ownership is a burgeoning industry with room to continue its recent growth. Contrary to popular belief, fractionals are the newest trend on the vacation market. If you're thinking about developing a resort, consider making it a private residence club or fractional resort.

Market Trends in Holiday Ownership

Though the time share industry has continued to expand, it is in the area of fractionals that the most rapid growth is currently expected. Right now, the fractional market is in the earliest stages of maturity as relatively few fractionals have actually been completed. Those that have, however, are being snapped up by holiday ownership consumers at an alarming rate.

Sales in 1999 doubled those of 1998, thereby demonstrating a need in the holiday ownership industry. Savvy investors took note and development in the fractional industry has taken off. It's not too late, however, to grab your own slice of the pie.

Do be forewarned that fractional development is not the most affordable investment. Land, construction and marketing costs are remarkably high. It is, however, a profitable investment if you can manage to swing the initial development costs. You'll need to analyze your finances closely before assuming an investment of this magnitude.

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