Luxury Time Share

Written by Diane Sievert
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A luxury time share is often confused with a fractional home, but they are not the same product. They may share certain conceptual similarities, but it's terribly important not to get them confused. For instance, time shares and fractionals appeal to very different consumers.

The Importance of Distinguishing a Luxury Time Share from a Fractional

A luxury time share is a product aimed at the highest end of time share consumers. These are people who like the idea of a time share, but are only interested in investing in a large and well-kept vacation home. A luxury time share generally operates according to same systems as more mid-level time shares.

Fractionals, on the other hand, are a very different product aimed at a very different consumer. Consumers interested in fractionals are typically very wealthy individuals who want a luxurious vacation home but do not want to waste money on something they'll only use a couple of months every year. The main competition for fractionals is not luxury time shares, but rather wholly owned vacation real estate.

Time shares also come with a variety of share options whereas fractionals are usually limited to fractions of fourths, eighths or thirteenths. Point systems in the time share market are generally referred to as vacation clubs while fractional clubs are more exclusive and go by the term of PRC (private residence club). Last but not least, the high-pressure and gimmicky marketing strategies associated with time share sales will not work with the fractional consumer.

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