Written by Diane Sievert
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PRC stands for private residence club. These clubs are the latest in high-end vacation programs. They offer the use of a private residence on resort grounds for a specified amount of time.

Why Join a PRC?

The most obvious answer to that question is cost efficiency. If you like staying at luxury resorts and you know you have the money to vacation year after year, it makes sense to invest in a PRC membership. When comparing the cost of accommodations for members of a residence club with the costs of comparable accommodation for non-members, it seems members always come out on top.

PRC membership has other benefits as well. Because these luxury resorts require a membership, they tend to be more exclusive than your general hotel or resort. If you are a person who dislikes crowds, a private residence club is an option worth looking into.

Of course, you could always invest in a wholly owned second home. Unfortunately, an individual vacation home requires a lot of money for both the purchase and upkeep. A PRC membership is a better decision if you don't want to pay for something you'll only be using a few weeks every year. It's a way to make your investment bring the best type of return.

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