Quality Resorts

Written by Diane Sievert
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Quality resorts aren't always easy to find. What looks great on a brochure may not deliver in reality, and there's nothing as disappointing as a vacation gone sour. But I'm here to help--I can tell you what to look for when trying to decide which resort is best for you.

Finding Quality Resorts

Brochures from individual resorts will only sing the resort's praises and the same goes for most sales reps. Instead of falling prey to flashy advertising, consider customer reviews. Customer reviews of quality resorts will give you a better idea of a particular resort's strengths and weaknesses.

The next step you should take is locating independent reviews. Don't be fooled by the reviews offered by the resort itself--what kind of advertisement would list bad reviews on its own brochure or website? What you're looking for is an unbiased opinion.

The Internet is typically the best place to look for independent reviews of quality resorts. There are several websites dedicated to just this purpose. The library is yet another good place to look--every year, travel books are updated to provide up-to-the-moment information. Resorts are also often rated in traveler's magazines.

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