Residence Club

Written by Diane Sievert
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Joining a residence club is not an inexpensive decision. Most PRC (private residence club) memberships cost quite a bit. However, that high-end price tag is not without its merits.

Benefits of Joining a Residence Club

As duly noted, the dues for a membership to a residence club can run rather high, but those kinds of prices ensure an exclusive atmosphere. All too often, regular resorts are overrun and understaffed. You can find yourself beleaguered by college kids on spring break, bachelor parties, and family reunions. It can take forever to get a simple thing like dinner in the resort restaurant or a tee time on the golf course.

PRCs offer all the same amenities as a regular resort but they limit their customers to members only. The result is a calm and inviting environment, complete with every refinement. In a residence club, nothing should be a hassle.

Also important is the fact that luxury residence clubs rarely offer one-bedroom units. If all the units are luxury units with high price tags, the only members will be those who can afford said units. This kind of pricing system produces an exclusivity that mirrors most country clubs.

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