Resort Residence Clubs

Written by Diane Sievert
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Managing resort residence clubs is a tricky business. Your customers are likely to be wealthy professionals whose time is limited, so they can be rather demanding. From the initial sale to weekly upkeep, you'll need to be focused and careful in your work.

How to Successfully Run Resort Residence Clubs

General marketing strategies are the first aspect to address. You are unlikely to lure in new customers if you try and use sales techniques typical of time share companies. Possible resort residence club members are savvy business people who know how to manage their money and won't appreciate high-pressure sales tactics.

The next issue of importance is staffing--staffing resort residence clubs is no easy feat. Unlike traditional resorts, resort residence clubs cater to a more distinguished economic class. Therefore, your staff needs to be educated in the business of luxury services. You need professional golf instructors, personal trainers, masseuses, chefs, etc.

Last but not least is the issue of upkeep. Resort residence clubs will fail if not properly maintained. Every detail needs to be addressed in order to keep your customers happy and the reputation of the club itself intact.

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