Time Share Resale Brokers

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Unless you plan on selling a time share to a friend or family member, you'll have to hire a broker to sell your property or vacation time. Some web-based brokers allow people to rent their time shares to vacationers until interested buyers comes along, which is ideal for someone who does not need to sell his time share in a hurry. These brokers post advertisements for time shares on their web pages, and people at home select whether they want to rent or buy.

Choosing a Time Share Broker to Sell Your Place

Before deciding on a broker or website on which to advertise, visit several sites and assess the price, the quality, and the trustworthiness of each one. A website that features high resolution pictures of actual time share resorts is probably more successful than one that has text-only ads. Moreover, if a site looks unprofessional, the people running it are probably unprofessional as well.

All of these sites vary greatly in terms of price. You don't want to discover a cheaper broker after you have already paid too much money. I've discovered sites that charge as little as $10 for a 90-day rental ad. Avoid commission fees, if possible.

Be cautious of any broker who promises high selling prices and quick turnarounds. These types of guarantees are absurd. Moreover, contact the state attorney general of the broker and the Better Business Bureau before signing your life away to one of these guys. If any complaints have been issued against someone who claims he can sell your time share, find another broker and don't look back. There are many time share scam artists out there, who you need to be wary of.

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