Time Share Resale Companies

Written by Gregg Ruais
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When my wife and I purchased a time share, the salesperson gave us the name of a company that would find renters whenever we decided to not take a vacation during the course of a year. Rather than lose the vacation time for which we had already paid, we could rent our room to other people and make our money back. The company the salesperson recommended charges a 25 percent commission fee.

I always thought that 25 percent sounded like an exorbitant amount. If a vacation is worth $2,000 to someone, and if I own the time share, shouldn't I receive more than $1,500? However, one year my wife and I could not take our annual vacation. None of our friends wanted to buy our time slot, so we decided to bite the bullet and pay this company to find renters. When I called them, the customer service representative informed me of a $300 membership activation fee, which I absolutely refused to pay.

Finding the Right Time Share Resale Company

Since that time, I've learned of many other companies that do not charge such ridiculous fees. One web-based vacation company allows time share owners to advertise on their site for 90 days for only ten dollars. By paying this small charge, a time share owner can write a lengthy description about the vacation property, and the company itself will post actual photographs of the resort on the website.

This time share resale company does not guarantee that someone will purchase a vacation, but their website has an extremely strong search engine ranking, and as a result, they enjoy a high success rate. There are no commission fees at all. For a little extra money, people can list their time shares for longer durations or until a buyer or renter has been found.

Time share owners who wish to sell all of their remaining vacation time have the option of renting their places through this company until someone actually buys the time share. There is really very little to lose with a deal like this. The advertising fee is miniscule compared to the price of even a single vacation rental, let alone the sale of an entire time share.

What Is a Time Share?

Buying a time share is not the same as purchasing a house, condo, or co-op. A time share owner cannot come and go as he pleases as if the resort were his primary residence. The owner must reserve rooms in advance and can only stay for a set amount of time each year. Many time share companies issue points, and members use their points like money in order to book their vacations. The main advantage of owning a time share is flexibility and freedom. Since my wife and I purchased a time share in Aruba, we have used our points to stay in Las Vegas, Montauk Point, Los Angeles, and St. Martin. This year we're headed to Ibiza, Spain.

In some instances, the purchase of a time share comes with a deed to the land. This is the type of time share you want to buy, because your ownership will have no expiration date. As long as you continue to pay membership fees, you'll be entitled to use the resort. You can even pass this type of time share down to your children after you pass away.

When a deed to the land does not accompany the purchase of a time share, the buyer only owns vacation time. The amount of time you purchase varies depending on the resort and the money you are willing to pay. A typical deal would be two weeks each year for the next 30 years. Regardless of the type of time share you buy, you always have the option of either renting or selling your vacation time.

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