Time Share Vacation

Written by Diane Sievert
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The time share vacation industry is as lively as ever, as more and more people are getting savvy about financing their vacations. Perhaps you know someone who has been very happy with her time share and now you're wondering if this might be an option for you. If a time share vacation appeals to you, read on to learn about the various types of time share programs available.

Time Share Vacation Programs

The fixed week option is the most basic of the time share programs. In a fixed week system, you are guaranteed use of your time share for the same dates year after year. You may also opt for a fixed week/fixed unit program in which you are not only guaranteed the same dates, but also the same unit.

A floating time system is a more flexible time share vacation option. Unlike the fixed week system, the floating time system means you purchase a specified amount of time (i.e., two weeks) but then you can schedule the use of those two weeks at any time during the year. However, most floating time systems require you to pay more if you want to schedule your vacation time during peak seasons.

A points system or club membership is yet another type of time share option. In this kind of system, you'll purchase a particular number of points which can then be used toward all kinds of travel packages. This is by far the most flexible of the time share options, but be forewarned--there is no law against inflation and a vacation that might cost 100 points in 2004 can cost 200 points in 2005.

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