Vacation Ownership

Written by Diane Sievert
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Vacation ownership is no simple business. With all the options out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. While I can recommend several types of vacation ownership to consider, I can also pinpoint a few types to avoid. Use this information as a springboard to guide your further research.

Kinds of Vacation Ownership to Avoid

If you're in the process of developing a fractional management company, it's important to be aware of the riskier forms of vacation ownership. Condominium ownership, for instance, is often a hard sell. It's a less popular commodity and consumers are often baffled by the many responsibilities that accompany this type of vacation ownership.

Of like trouble are cooperatives and trust vehicles. There is very little market familiarity with these forms of ownership. They also pose possible tax issues that many consumers simply don't want to deal with.

This brings us to another important issue of vacation ownership. If you're running a fractional management company outside the U.S., be sure to carefully acquaint yourself with their economic policies. Places like Mexico and the Caribbean may have different regulations and you run the risk of losing everything if you don't research these aspects of vacation ownership thoroughly. Contact local government offices for more information about rules and regulations for construction, property management, and land ownership.

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