Why Buy Fractional Ownership

Written by Diane Sievert
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You may ask, "Why buy fractional ownership?" That's an important question. Fractional ownership is not cheap and if you're considering it as a vacation option, you'll want to make sure you feel comfortable answering that question.

Answers to the Age-Old Question, "Why Buy Fractional Ownership?"

Fractional ownership is a excellent choice for those people who want a luxurious vacation home but who don't want the hassle of maintaining it. All too often, people end up spending not only their hard-earned money keeping up their second home, but precious hours as well. This is one good answer as to why buy fractional ownership.

Also important is the fact that most fractionals are part of a private residence club, a club that offers the best in service and amenities. Not only will the management company keep your home maintained in tiptop shape, but when you are there, you will also have every luxury service at your fingertips. Have your fridge stocked, your paintings hung, your family pictures dusted and up on the mantel, and your garage ready with a Jaguar before you even get there.

If you're still wondering why buy fractional ownership, consider this: not only will you be waited on hand and foot, but you'll have access to the most luxurious common areas. Clubhouses at PRCs tend to be quite opulent. In addition to a magnificent clubhouse, expect the best in other common areas as well (i.e., pools, golf courses, tennis courts, restaurants, gym, spa, etc.)

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