Becoming A Travel Agent

Written by Diane Sievert
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Becoming a travel agent is easy when you find the right travel agent courses. One of the most common ways people receive travel agent certification is through adult education resources available through local community colleges. These courses typically require students to participate in over 100 hours of class time.

Many of the courses offered in communities throughout the country offer insight into becoming a travel agent. These courses cover the basics of travel agent careers from booking airline tickets to understanding the complex nature of public transportation systems. These courses provide an overview of the industry, and help students to track trends in the industry as a whole. The right course can provide you with the tools to begin your career as a travel agent today. Many of these courses can be written off as educational expenses on your annual taxes.

The Rewards of Becoming a Travel Agent

One of the major rewards of becoming a travel agent is discount travel. When you work in the travel industry you develop relationships with all kinds of different travel providers. These providers encourage agents to experience their products first-hand as part of their marketing strategies. If you enjoy yourself on vacation, you're more likley to pitch it to your loyal customers in the future.

As a travel agent you can often make your own work schedule. Many agents work under host agencies from the comfort of their own homes. This relationship allows you to sell travel packages, airline tickets, and even provide car rental packages to your customers through a series of travel vendors. You will share the commission on all sales with the host agent, but the profit opportunities are endless with this type of business arrangement.

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