Blue Ridge Mountain Vacations

Written by Dina Kayed
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The Blue Ridge Mountains are among North Carolina's most beautiful and magnificent wonders of nature. Blue Ridge parkway is probably the most famous part of the Blue Ridge Mountain system. Some call Blue Ridge parkway "America's favorite drive." The beautiful scenery certainly supports that description. Blue Ridge parkway is perfect for romantic getaways.

Touring the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountain chain, and Grandfather Mountain is Blue Ridge's highest peak. The wildlife near Grandfather Mountain is just amazing. Among others, black bears and deer live up on this mountain. You will also be able to see bald and golden eagles. The mountain is open all year round to visitors.

The Alta Pass Orchard is another one of the Blue Ridge Mountains' famous landmarks. The apple orchard is a place full of history, still standing since 1908. Chimney Rock Park with its beautiful waterfall is another true testimony to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hiking trails are abundant, perfect and available to everyone.

If you are lucky enough to take a Blue Ridge Mountains vacation, make sure you visit
the Cavern. You will be able to take a look inside the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whichever season you choose to visit the Cavern you'll be fine; it's always 52°F no matter what. If you are fond of wildlife, you will be able to see the Cavern's bats. Guided tours are organized all the time to help visitors see as much as possible before their dream vacations draw to an end.

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