Travel Agency Jobs

Written by Rylee Newton
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In 2002 more than 118,000 people held travel agency jobs. These people performed all kinds of different tasks including booking travel, airfare and accommodations. If you're thinking about becoming a travel agent you can look forward to a rewarding career and travel agent discounts to boot.

When it comes to travel agency jobs you have a number of different choices. Many people who work within the travel industry specialize in booking certain forms of travel like cruise ships, educational travel, or even corporate travel arrangements. Many of the top travel agencies in the United States offer full-service planning and booking to their clients.

Preparing for Travel Agency Jobs

If you want to qualify for travel agency jobs you don't need much training. In fact, the only requirement for most positions is a high school diploma. While the requirements are minimal, it's a good idea to prepare for a career in the travel industry by enrolling in additional training travel agent courses.

You can find classes in your local community through adult education programs and community college courses. In addition, you can find several correspondence courses available online and through the American Society of Travel Agents. This is a professional organization that helps to ensure travel agents adhere to the highest standards of business.

Increasing Your Earning Potential in Travel Agency Jobs

People seeking travel agency jobs can expect to earn an average of $26,000 per year according to government statistics. While this may seem like a low number, the benefits make up for the lower pay. For example, many agents get into the business for reduced airfare fees, and access to hotel and airline upgrades that simply aren't available to the public.

In this day and age you can increase your earning potential by getting familiar with a number of different fields. The more you know about the world, the more convincing you will sound when selling vacation packages to your clients. You may even want to consider studying a foreign language to increase you earning potential. This is especially true if you're going to be working in states with very ethnically and culturally diverse populations..

The Future of Travel Agency Jobs

If you want to find travel agency jobs, you simply must embrace electronic media forms. The Internet is not only a great source of finding job openings in your area, but also it's a great tool for drawing new customers once you're working in the field. Many travel agencies have developed their own websites to provide potential clients with color photos and guide electronic tools. Some people even work at home as travel agents thanks to modern technology.

More and more travel agencies are closing their doors thanks to the availability of online travel packages. If you want to stay competitive in the travel industry, the only thing you have to offer is personal attention. There are plenty of people who still appreciate the value of personal interaction. There are also plenty of people who simply don't enjoy the Internet, haven't learned how to use it, or don't have the time to shop for travel deals online. These people are your core customers, and you should do everything you can to maintain and cultivate these relationships.

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