Travel Agent Deals

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you're running a home based travel agency, you can qualify for all kinds of travel agent deals. Many people break into the travel industry because they love traveling, and these deals make it possible for them to see the world for free. Not all travel deals are free, but the discounts are amazing in most cases.

One of the reasons travel suppliers provide travel agent deals is to familiarize agents with vacation packages. These suppliers want you to sell their products, and nothing helps with a sales pitch quite like first-hand exposure to a product. Not only that, but also many travel suppliers find that these free vacations create loyalty. The more perks an agent receives, the more motivated he is to continue selling the products.

The Business Side of Travel Agent Deals

Many times travel agents need to sell a certain number of products before suppliers take notice. For example, if you experience a surge in sales for cruise ship vacations, you might receive a phone call from the travel supplier. These suppliers often offer travel agent deals for a spike in sales. It's their way of rewarding agents for making them money.

As a new travel agent, it's important to take several "fam" trips. "Fam" stands for familiarization, and it's something you need to do if you want to effectively market travel products. These trips are hardly vacations. In order to justify the expense for these trips, travel suppliers require you to visit several locations and take studious notes. In many cases, they require you to send a report to them upon completion of the travel package.

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