Bahamas Cruises

Written by Gregg Ruais
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In order to qualify for free cruises from Miami to the Bahamas, people have to find the right giveaway companies and follow six simple steps. These steps include registration, filling out surveys, viewing bonus offers, completing sponsor offers, email confirmation, and then final approval. Along the way, people will see several popup ads and offers. Shoppers can decline these offers without losing the opportunity to win complimentary cruises.

Things to Know about Free Bahamas Cruises

People must complete only three sponsor offers during the final step of the process. Because step one involves providing vendors with an email address, people should expect to see more promotional emails in their inboxes. People have no obligation to buy anything.

However, bargain hunters should never haphazardly erase emails, because these companies do send vital email instructions on redeeming free cruise vouchers. In general, it takes a few months before people are finally approved for their trips to the Bahamas. Customers must send certain documents via USPS mail in order to confirm their addresses.

People cannot opt to sell their cruise vacations to other travelers. The vouchers they receive have no cash value. Moreover, people have to use their free cruise tickets within 18 months. After that time, they can no longer redeem their gifts.

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