Cumberland Mountains

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Cumberland Mountain vacations are ideal for people who love outdoors activities such as hunting and fishing. Some folks find nothing more satisfying than staking out in the woods and killing their dinners. It's a primitive pastime that brings men back to their evolutionary roots. Hunters can travel to Tennessee and stay in cabins with people who share their passion for hunting.

Wild boar and rams roam freely in the Cumberland Mountains, making them potential trophies for marksmen hunters. Gamesmen not only have the opportunity to hunt but also escape the stresses of their daily lives. There's something about nature retreats that makes people feel at peace. The sounds of leaves rustling, brooks meandering, and birds chirping are music to nature lovers' ears.

Cumberland Mountain State Park

Hunters aren't the only people who enjoy the Cumberland Mountains. Many travelers enjoy just standing atop the plateau and appreciating the panoramic view of the fall foliage. The Cumberland Mountain State Park, which consists of 1,720 acres of natural land, is located atop a mountain.

People use the grounds to play horseshoes, tennis, and badminton. Some visitors prefer to read books. Natural reserves like Cumberland State Parks make ideal getaways for families who want to escape all distractions and focus on togetherness. This mountain range has great meaning to many people. There are even a few non-profit organizations dedicated solely to preserving the mountains.

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