Durango Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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During both the summer and winter months, beautiful natural scenery combines with the lure of abandoned towns to make Durango, Colorado a popular tourist attraction. Between the months of December and April, the Durango Mountain Resort entertains skiers of all ages and skill levels. From base to peak, Purgatory Mountain has a vertical rise of 2,024 feet.

Twenty-three percent of the mountain terrain is appropriate for beginners, while 26 percent has been deemed safe only for expert skiers. Durango Mountain Resort has 11 ski lifts. Inside the resort, people warm up to coffee and have several dining options. The resort offers childcare services for children older than two months.

Durango Tours and Nature Excursions

People also visit Durango to join the Colorado Mountain Expeditions. Adventurers have the option of joining either hiking or horseback tours to backcountry streams. People fish for several hours and then head back to their cabins or hotels.

Many Durango visitors take the Outlaw Tours, which can include combinations of jeep and train rides that take people through ghost towns. The Outlaw Tours also offer whitewater rafting for people who want to experience high-speed Colorado adventures. During the wintertime, tourists can hop on snowmobiles and sleighs.

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