Free Caribbean Cruises

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People embarking on free Caribbean cruises often get to visit tropical islands, like Jamaica, Aruba, and St. Martin. Cruise ship captains dock their boats and allow passengers to explore towns on these islands. Many people take the opportunity to eat at popular island restaurants and shop at jewelry stores, which sell tax-free merchandise. Most tourist towns in the Caribbean are colorfully decorated for festive atmospheres.

When cruise ships stop at Aruba, for example, many passengers make their way to a restaurant called Carlos and Charlie's. This famous island eatery turns into a party. Customers are asked to stand on the bar and perform line dances. The staff at Carlos and Charlie's conducts beer-drinking contests between patrons, and they start conga lines. The food is traditional Tex-Mex.

Caribbean Cruises and Stopping Onshore

Although the weather in the Caribbean is extremely hot, the breezes people feel during voyages make the temperature very pleasant. When Caribbean cruises dock, on the other hand, the suffocating heat becomes apparent. Stores and restaurants offer respite from the heat with indoor air conditioning and outdoor misters.

When on land, travelers often take the opportunity to buy mementos of their free Caribbean cruises. Near ports, local artists sell paintings of their homelands. Other vendors sell glass pipes, tee shirts, and jewelry that people can take home.

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