Free Florida Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Before paying full price for getaways to the Sunshine State, people should always search for discounted or free Florida vacation offers, which entitle people to the same activities and accommodations enjoyed by vacationers who pay top dollar. Thanks to the Internet, consumers have several money-saving options. People who would have otherwise passed on visiting Florida for monetary reasons can use creative shopping techniques to earn points towards complimentary holidays.

How to Get Completely Free Florida Vacations

Many timeshare companies offer people free passes to Disney World and other Orlando attractions in exchange for a few hours of their time. By listening to sales presentations, people receive complimentary theme park passes. In addition, these resort companies let people stay at their hotels for incredibly low prices. Some packages even include heavily discounted spa treatments.

Some marketing companies actually specialize in free giveaways, including cruises out of Florida ports. They convince businesses to pay people for buying their products. Nearly everyone has seen credit card companies offering free tee shirts and other rewards for applying with them. Giveaway companies convince these creditors to pay for three-day voyages off the Florida shores. All people have to do is sign up with these marketing companies, follow the simple steps outlined on their websites, and within a few months, they can be on their way to Florida to embark on free cruises.

By combining these two cost-savings ideas, people save nearly two thousand dollars without sacrificing quality. Vacationers can stay at top notch hotels in Orlando for three days at for a third of the regular price, visit various parks in Disney World completely free each of those days, and set out to sea on their free cruises. That amounts to an entire week of vacation time with very little money spent.

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