Free Game Cube

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A free Game Cube is another possible prize people can win by making purchases through marketing websites. To qualify for this award or others like it, web surfers have to complete approximately six steps to the satisfaction of the companies offering deals. People who give false email addresses or phone numbers cannot qualify for any special awards, because they have not met the required agreements.

Making certain purchases, some of which cost little or no money at all, is part of the criteria to completing the steps in full. Because a prize like a free Game Cube costs considerable money, businesses have to protect themselves from people at home who try to beat the system. For example, marketing companies will not award any prizes until their clients notify them that individuals have met their commitments. For example, credit card companies may approve people to receive cards, but those consumers cannot receive their free products until the creditors have verified that the card has been in use.

Completing Surveys Part of the Process to Win Free Game Cubes

Another step necessary to winning free Game Cubes and other prizes is the completion of surveys. Financial companies, creditors, and educational institutions use the information people give them to offer them products that may fit their needs. Surveys may include requests for phone numbers or email addresses.

People who don't want their email inboxes to become cluttered with promotional materials may want to open up secondary email addresses. People who have multiple email accounts can log onto one account to read messages from friends and sign on to their other accounts to see various promotional offers. Consumers who want their Game Cubes will have to give these companies email addresses that they check regularly, because certain emails require responses.

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