Free Gameboy

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Winning a free GameBoy can be an exciting and useful surprise to just about anyone. GameBoy is an ideal companion for travelers. Long trips aboard planes, trains, or buses become shorter when playing GameBoy, which comes with either a color or black-and-white monitor. Five-hour flights feel like nothing to people who are entertained.

Passengers can kill a few hours watching the movies shown on planes, spend another two hours playing video games, take short naps, and have practically no time at all when they feel bored. When the mind is engaged in other activities, people can forget about the discomfort of their seats. Some games, like Tetris, are addictive. People can play them for hours without getting bored. It becomes a challenge for someone to beat his previous score, or advance to higher-level boards.

A player can purchase hundreds of games for his free GameBoy. When the game system is free, people can use that saved money to buy approximately five games. Popular titles include Super Mario, Madden Football, and many others.

Free GameBoy for Parents

Parents can use GameBoy as a backseat pacifier. Instead of asking questions like, "Are we there yet?" kids become engrossed in their games. Video games become parents' best in-car friends. A person can qualify for a free GameBoy by filling out internet surveys, agreeing to give various companies phone numbers and email addresses, and purchasing products one would need anyway through certain websites.

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