Free Vacations In Tennessee

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People who plan on visiting Tennessee and enjoying the outdoors usually don't have to worry about spending too much money. Lodging and activities are either inexpensive or free, depending on whether or not people have special passes, coupons, or if they plan on sleeping in tents. Tennessee has vast natural resources. Many people don't feel they need to visit Tennessee cities to have fun, because the state parks are so comprehensive.

Inexpensive Vacations at Tennessee State Parks

Travelers who visit the Dunbar Cave State Natural Area can partake in numerous adventures. Vacations at this park are often spent fishing, picnicking in the woods, and admiring the region's wildflowers. People often bring books and read in the woods. Tours guides take pedestrians hiking around and inside the caves, which were once used by American Indians as social gathering places.

One of the most popular Tennessee parks is the David Crockett State Park. The camping grounds feature basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts. Vacationers can also test their marksmanship at archery. People commonly bike and hike through nature trails at David Crocket State Park. Fishermen spend their days at Shoal Creek, trying to catch their lunches and dinners. None of these activities costs really anything. Aside from campground fees, these vacations at this park are practically free.

The same can be said for Frozen Head State Natural Park, one of the most beautiful reserves in the United States. Meandering rivers lead to powerful and gorgeous waterfalls amidst the mountainous landscape. People who visit Frozen Head have the option of horseback riding, and, if they so choose, camping in tents like true mountain men.

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