Free Xbox

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A free Xbox system can save people hundreds of dollars on entertainment equipment. Xbox does more than enable people to play modern video games with cutting edge graphics. An Xbox can be configured as the center of someone's entire home entertainment system.

Connected to someone's home television, a person can use an Xbox as a DVD player. In addition, Xbox systems can play CDs and discs that contain MP3 files. The cheapest quality DVD, CD, and MP3 players can cost people well over $300 if purchased separately. Moreover, an Xbox can be used to record television programs, much like the TiVo system, which would cost someone at least $150. Thus, people who win free Xbox systems save up to $450 on other products. That doesn't include the cost of the Xbox itself.

People who own Xbox can connect to internet radio stations, which air commercial free music and live sporting events. Another unique Xbox feature is its ability to connect people around the world. A person in New York can play games against someone in Los Angeles.

Xbox from Microsoft

Xbox is a Microsoft product. As with all Microsoft systems, people can expect regular updates and product enhancements. The goal of Microsoft is to dominate every market it enters. An all-in-one product like Xbox may very well become the number one video game system in the future.

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