Germany Hotels

Written by Rachel Arieff
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German hotels can run, according to some guides, as low as 16 euros a night per person. This, however, is most likely a hostel situation, and not a hotel. The main difference between hostels and hotels is that hotels provide private facilities, whereas hostel guests share sleeping quarters and other facilities. This will cut the lodging costs considerably, but obviously at the price of privacy.

Hostels do offer the option of private rooms, but these will typically cost at least ten euros more. Another feature of hostels that is often problematic for travelers is the fact that most have curfews. Whatever the hour of curfew may be, if you arrive after the curfew you will be locked out for the evening. Hotels, of course don't have curfews, which is why most adults, especially couples, opt for them.

Budget Hotels

There is one reason I include the hostel option: Germany is one of the more expensive European Union countries in which to travel. Even with meticulous budget watching, you can easily spend 100 euros a day per person on food, lodging, local travel, and attractions. Because of this, many travelers with limited funds prefer to spend their money on meals and other pleasures rather than lodging.

However, if you're looking for bona-fide hotel lodging, the cheapest possible price is around 40 euros. These will be no-frills affairs, offering a bed, bathroom facilities, cleanliness (a non-negotiable), adequately friendly service, and little more. However, at this price, you're getting your money's worth. Mid-range German hotels can be found for less than 100 euros a night. If you want pampering, high-end hotels will deliver--at a cost of around 220 euros or more.

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