Hotels In Italy

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Hotels in Italy should be reserved as well in advance as possible in order to secure a good rate. Keep in mind that during the peak tourist season, which is during the summer months, hotel rates will tend to be much higher than in the off season. If you're looking to get the most out of your travel dollar, consider traveling to Italy in the fall or winter.

If you're traveling to a major city in Italy, spring, early summer, or fall will yield the most pleasant temperatures. Rome, for example, can get pretty unpleasant in the summer. Like most modern, sprawling cities, Rome has a pollution problem. The layer of smog traps heat and humidity, making for a sticky, dirty atmosphere. In fact, the air pollution problem, in the form of acid rain, is the prime culprit in the degradation of historic Roman architectural monuments and buildings, such as the Coliseum.

Finding Hotels in Italy

There are several ways to find good hotel accommodations in Italy. All are good, and it's really a matter of personal habit and preference. The time-honored method of reserving hotels through a travel agency is safe, reliable, and can get you competitive rates without you having to do the legwork yourself. If you hate dealing with computers, going through a travel agency is the method for you.

However, online deals in hotels throughout Italy are also abundant. Again, travel agencies have online services that you can use, from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule, to secure good deals. Another way is through online self-serve booking services. These websites often advertise special airfares and hotel rates. The key is to stay tuned in for the best offers, and to comparison shop for the best deals.

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