Hotels In Japan

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Hotels in Japan tend to be expensive, as does travel in Japan. The reason is because, frankly, Japan has one of the highest costs of living in the world. However, it also depends on where in Japan you're talking about. Tokyo, the capital and the commercial center of Japan, is much more expensive to visit than, say, smaller cities such as Sapporo or Yokohama.

Compare the situation to the United States: the prices for goods and services in Tallahassee, Florida have nothing to do with those of New York City, which are among the highest in the country. You'll find a similar price range in other countries as well. Prices are also influenced by other factors, such as seasonal shifts, current events, and the world economy.

Booking Hotels in Japan

If you're on a budget, consider all of the above factors when looking for affordable hotels in Japan. For instance, think about traveling in the off season, rather than at the height of the tourist season, which in Japan happens to be the spring. This way you can perhaps save 50 percent off your hotel bill. Everything else will tend to be cheaper as well, from restaurants to local travel and entertainment fees.

Another benefit of traveling in the off season is that you'll be spared the constant crowds and hubbub resulting from the massive quantity of tourists. This can sometimes translate into better personal service from your hotel. Finally, if communication is an important issue for you, make sure when booking hotels in Japan that the staff is proficient in English. Another option is to prepare before your trip with a crash course in the Japanese language.

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