Hotels In Spain

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Hotels in Spain range from the $20-a-night bargain hostel to the luxurious, five-star hotel. Hostels save you a lot of money because you give up certain luxuries, such as privacy, in exchange for cheap rates made possible through shared sleeping quarters and bathrooms. Hostels can vary widely in quality, and comments by former guests range from "very pleased at such friendly service" to "what a dump!" Understandably, hostels are most popular among young travelers, although you can sometimes find rather adventurous older folks patronizing hostels as well.

Luxury accommodations will take a bite out of your wallet, but if you can afford it, you can enjoy a wide range of services that will make you feel pampered and relaxed after a long transoceanic flight. Ergonomic beds, spa services, massage, and five-star restaurants, often catering to special diets like the Zone, are commonly available through luxury hotels in Spain.

Choosing Hotels in Spain

If you're like most people, you probably fall somewhere in the middle of the above-mentioned range. Most travelers want adventure, but they don't want to "rough it" either. They want a hotel to which they can come back at the end of a long, adventure-filled day, and unwind without disturbances. Noise, commotion, and disruptions in services are not acceptable to the tired international traveler who needs to wake up refreshed to enjoy the following day's activities.

The best hotels in Spain offer friendly service, clean accommodations, and a willingness to set things right should problems occur. Above all, they should be safe and secure for guests and their belongings. Hotels should be conveniently situated in or near city centers, close enough to "the action," yet not right smack in the middle of noisy and chaotic areas.

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