Lake Tahoe Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People who visit Lake Tahoe witness the pristine natural beauty found at placid locations near the Great Lakes and also experience some of the Sin-City elements of Las Vegas. It's not uncommon for Tahoe vacationers to spend their mornings and afternoons water skiing or hiking, and then attend adult cabarets at night. As a vacation destination, Lake Tahoe is really whatever people choose to make of it.

Travelers can view the Lake at its finest by taking cable car rides to the top of Squaw Valley, where they are treated to sunset dinners overlooking the water. From this standpoint, people see green mountains extending from California to Nevada. These excursions cost approximately $50 per person.

Lake Tahoe Nightlife

People vacationing on the Nevada side of the Lake have the option of visiting many nearby casinos. These gaming facilities feature blackjack, slot machines, video poker, and much more. As in Vegas, casinos treat players to free cocktails. While the performing arts scene near Lake Tahoe pales in comparison to Las Vegas, an Annual Shakespeare Festival is held near the lake, and other plays are performed at various theatres.

People who enjoy partying and drinking have no shortage of options in the Lake Tahoe area. A true vacation area, visitors find considerable crowds at numerous local sports bars and clubs. Area hangouts differ in terms of the crowds they attract, and people of all age groups can find places at which they feel comfortable.

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