Mexico Vacations

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Vacations in Mexico have been perennially popular among tourists from all around the world. This is due to a variety of factors. Among them are Mexico's unbeatable climate, ranging from temperate to tropical, the strong dollar (or euro) value, the friendliness of the people, and the amazing diversity of attractions.

On a trip to Mexico, you can see the famous pyramids of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, the beaches of Acapulco with their fabled orange sunsets, or a plethora of marine life while snorkeling off the coast of Cancun or Baja California. You can climb mountains, hike into the tropical rainforest, or take in the world-class theater, museums, and symphony orchestra of Mexico City.

Variety in Mexican Vacations

The sheer variety available in Mexican vacations is what surprises many people who think of Mexico as a place for beach bums. It's true that Mexico's beaches are among the most beautiful and well maintained in the world. However, many forget that Mexico's capitol, Mexico City, is one of the leading cultural centers of not only Latin America, but of the world. Oaxaca is another city that has a long and culturally rich tradition in the arts, design, and literature.

In short, there is much to discover in Mexico, and much more to enjoy if you can actually speak a little bit of Spanish. When you can actually converse with people in their own language, a whole world opens up. Barriers are removed; cultures unite, even for a moment. Even if you believe you aren't good at speaking a foreign language, most people truly appreciate you making the effort, and you'll often find that appreciation reflected in a warmer reception.

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