Myrtle Beach Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many golfers take Myrtle Beach vacations to play on scenic courses. During the summers, South Carolina can become very hot, with temperatures often rising above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the town's proximity to the ocean, cool breezes do make summer play more comfortable. Without the breeze, or on the hottest days, players who regularly walk courses will rent carts to prevent from dehydrating.

There's a popular tee shirt that reads, "If there's no golf in Heaven, I don't want to go." During late autumn, winter, and early spring, the weather in the Northeast gets too cold for golf. Dedicated players suffer from withdrawal. They feel their handicaps increasing when they can't practice.

At Myrtle Beach, the grass stays green all year, the courses are kept in immaculate condition, and there are far fewer days when the air feels uncomfortably chilly. Groups of friends often take Myrtle Beach vacations to keep their golf skills sharp and ready for the summer. A town loaded with things to do, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants that keep people occupied when it rains or when they have finished golfing.

Other Things to Do on Myrtle Beach Vacations

People on Myrtle Beach vacations have the option of partaking in a vibrant nightlife. It's a popular town among young people, who spend their days tanning and swimming at local beaches and then hit the town at night. Visitors often like the town so much that they buy vacation homes or condos in the area.

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