New Orleans Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Some of the activities people enjoy on New Orleans vacations include eating gourmet foods, partying on Bourbon Street, and visiting famous art galleries. New Orleans chefs are famous for Cajun style cooking. They also specialize in fresh seafood dishes and French cuisine. French culture, which places great emphasis on the enjoyment of food, has greatly influenced New Orleans cooks.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in New Orleans

When the French passion for food is combined with the freshness of the seafood caught by New Orleans fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico, the results are phenomenal. Common dishes include sauces full of Gulf shrimp, crawfish, and redfish, a type of fish found only in warm waters. People can find top notch dining along Charles Street, the French Quarter, and even on Bourbon Street.

People on New Orleans vacations who want to experience the local nightlife have a plethora of jazz clubs from which to choose. Local bars and clubs regularly feature live rock bands as well. Partiers can simply walk along Bourbon Street and explore. Several corner stores sell frozen daiquiris, and there is no open container law in New Orleans. Glass bottles are the only things people can't take with them on the sidewalks.

New Orleans vacations can also be explorations of culture. It's a very artistic city. There are many shops at which visitors can purchase local pottery and paintings. New Orleans boasts of having the most antique shops of any United States city. Art lovers can visit the New Orleans Museum of Modern Art.

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