Reno Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Reno, located just west of the borderline between California and Nevada, is commonly thought of as a poor man's Las Vegas, and there's little evidence to contradict that belief. One could argue, however, that if any city could use a little more modesty, it would be Vegas. People who travel to Las Vegas with the intentions of sitting at blackjack or poker tables, receiving free drinks, and smoking cigars will find no difference in quality between Reno and Sin City. The simplicity of Reno matches some people's personalities better than Vegas.

Reno doesn't have the larger-than-life attitude of Las Vegas. It lacks the spectacles, like the water shows outside the Bellagio or the Moonbeam at the Luxor. People can still gamble in Reno, get rich off one lucky slot machine, or lose all their money at roulette. The games are played exactly as they are on the Las Vegas Strip.

Just because Reno is not Las Vegas does not mean it's a shabby city. Some of the casino resorts in Reno feature fully equipped health spas, hot tubs, swimming pools, and critically acclaimed restaurants. People on Reno vacations have no shortages of golf courses from which to choose either.

Marriages Begin and End in Reno

Reno is famous, or infamous, depending on one's perspective, for it's haste in both marrying and divorcing people. For $50, couples can marry in what most people would consider to be tacky settings, but who's to put a price tag on love? Reno is ideal for those spur-of-the-moment weddings. Just as easily, former lovers can divorce cheaper and faster in Reno than anywhere else in the country.

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