Tour Germany

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Tour Germany on foot, on bicycle, on motorcycle, or by car or train. The choice is yours to make. However, European budget airlines have dropped fares so low that you can today hop from region to region in Germany by plane, often for less than 100 euros, and sometimes as low as 10 euros each way.

Touring Germany by plane is popular not just for its low price, but because of the time it saves travelers. A 12-hour train ride from one part of the country to another gets cut down to less than two hours if done by plane. That saves the traveler 10 hours, or nearly a full day of irreplaceable vacation time.

Tour Germany in the Open Air

When touring Germany by plane, you can fit in museum visits, sightseeing excursions, and day trips that would not have been possible had you used land transportation. However, if you're a hiking, biking, or motorcycling enthusiast, your method of travel is non-negotiable. Hiking or biking is the most intense, sensual way to see Germany: up close, in the open air.

Germany's scenery and land formations are diverse and at times breathtaking. Most people, when they think of the German landscape, think of either dense, romantic forests, or the German Alps, which are indeed beautiful. However, less celebrated natural wonders of Germany include the crisp, pristine North Frisian Islands in the North Sea, and the Harz Mountains in Northern Germany. These areas have not been ruined by excessive tourism and thus retain their natural beauty and serenity for hikers and bikers.

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