Tours Of France

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Tours of France these days can mean your traditional sightseeing tour, or any conceivable variation. Tours can be exhaustive, covering several regions of the country, or they can focus solely on one city or town. French tours can include bicycle jaunts that last a few days or several weeks, walking tours of Paris or other cities and small towns, hiking tours in almost every region of France, from the Loire Valley to the Pyrenees, and winery tours in any of the various wine-producing regions of France.

Eco-tours are also available, in which travelers from all over the world converge in France's areas of natural splendor, from cities to rural villages, to help with conservation and social service projects. In the meantime, they receive discounts in airfare, cheap or free lodging, and are able to develop interpersonal relationships with local people that conventional tourists never get to experience.

Other Variations on Tours

Religious groups of all faiths, from Jewish to Muslim to Buddhist, also travel to France for tours. In these tours, participants visit important religious sites, attend convocations, and take part in cultural exchanges with French religious groups. High school and university student groups often embark on tours of France as part of a French language immersion program.

Finally, gay tours of France, as well as the rest of Europe, have grown extremely popular. These tours cater to the international community of gays and lesbians who seek a more inclusive perspective on sightseeing and nightlife, gay-friendly accommodations, and opportunities to connect with other gay or lesbian travelers.

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