Tours Of Italy

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Tours of Italy are varied and abundant. Italy is such a popular destination among world travelers that, as tourist tastes have specialized and evolved, so have Italian tours--in many cases replacing the general and "touristy" sightseeing affair. What's offered instead is a grand variety of tours to suit nearly every taste and interest.

Walking, hiking, and biking tours of Italy are perhaps the first tours that come to mind, and for good reason. With its majestically varied geography ranging from snow-capped mountains and forests to sun-baked Mediterranean villages, Italy boasts some of the most picturesque foot and bicycle tours in the world. Offsetting the strenuous physical activity of these tours are delicious and rustic Italian food and wine--the "bonus extras" of any Italian tour.

Other Tours of Italy

Since food and wine were just mentioned, it must be said that some of the most popular tours of Italy happen to focus on just these two elements. Participants may travel to various regions of Italy to sample the richness of Italian wine and cuisine: from cheese, pasta, olives, and seafood to Chianti and Montepulciano. Other tours of Italy cater to art and music lovers, focusing on Italian painting, sculpture, or opera. Tours especially for history buffs, focusing on Italy's impressive collection of museums and ruins, are also very popular.

Italian tours are increasingly focusing on social interests as well. Today there are tours exclusively for women, gays and lesbians, senior citizens, and religions of every kind. Christian church groups travel to Italy as do Jewish and Muslim religious groups. Finally, child-friendly tours cater especially to parents traveling with young children.

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