Tours Of Japan

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Tours of Japan are geared to virtually every interest and budget. Today's tours can satisfy everyone, from the high-end big spenders who want luxury accommodations and aren't afraid to pay for it, to economy-minded budget travelers. Japanese "eco-tourism" adventures exist for environmentally conscious travelers who want to make a positive difference in preserving the world's disappearing natural habitats.

Religious-oriented tours unite western travelers with Japanese members of their own faith--or, alternately, bring together believers of different faiths. Other popular tours are those that focus on Japanese language skills, emphasizing interaction with the Japanese people. On the other hand, some tours ensure non-Japanese speaking travelers English-speaking service, all the time.

Where Do Tours of Japan Go?

In short, no matter what your preferences, there is probably a Japanese tour for you. Though Japan is a relatively small country, it offers a diversity of locations and experiences. For instance, most tours of Japan include at least a day or two in busy, commercial Tokyo as a matter of course. Tokyo is the nation's capital city, and to most westerners is synonymous with modern Japan, offering shopping, nightlife, and an at times overwhelming energy.

Aside from the shopping and entertainment, however, Tokyo also has its historic and contemplative sides. Tourists can visit its numerous temples, among them the famous Sengakuji Temple, the burial place of the 47 ronin, or "masterless samurai." Tokyo is also home to breathtaking, traditional Japanese gardens such as the Rikugien Garden. However, by all means consider getting out of Tokyo to visit the legendary Mount Fuji, the World War Two bombing targets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the historically and artistically rich city of Kyoto.

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