Travel To Italy

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Travel to Italy continues to be a popular option for travelers from all over the world. Italy is without doubt one of the most beloved non-tropical vacation destinations on the planet. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Vatican, the ancient ruins in Rome, the beaches of Capri, the romantic Venetian canals, and the Uffizi museum in Venice, to name just a few of Italy's most popular attractions.

However, for many travelers, being able to speak with the people is equally as thrilling as the sightseeing. However, many Italians don't speak English, so the best way to be able to connect with the people is, obviously, to learn at least a little bit of Italian. This is important not only for social situations, but also for more serious events, such as getting lost. Being able to ask people for directions in a foreign country is always an important tool to have at your disposal.

Travel to Italy and Speak!

Many people who have never spoken Italian in their lives let their shyness get the best of them. Maybe they're afraid that they'll speak terribly. Perhaps they remember making less than stellar foreign language progress earlier in life. Whatever the reason, it's not worth holding oneself back from learning a language--which is not just speaking, but listening as well.

Even if you indeed speak the language "terribly," people nearly always appreciate the fact that someone has taken the time to learn their language and is making the effort to speak with them. Besides, speaking a language less than perfectly is often ingratiating (or, put another way, it provides comic relief!) and helps to break the ice. For you, learning a little Italian, no matter how well or how poorly, can open up a world to you that may have otherwise remained closed.

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