Venice, Italy

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Venice, Italy is possibly one of the most romanticized travel destinations on earth. It certainly is romantic; just the image of the gondoliers guiding couples in sleek boats through the city's canals, walled in on all sides by ancient stone buildings, is the stuff of legend. This image has even been reenacted more than a few times in classic Hollywood films.

For this reason, Venice, Italy is one of the premier destinations for newlyweds and romantic couples celebrating their anniversaries. However, Venice offers more than just romantic canals. During the day, enjoy the fascinating architecture of the Basilica, the Clock Tower, and the Palazzo Ducale, or relax in the Piazza San Marco. These attractions, along with the internationally lauded Uffizi Gallery, will keep you busy for days.

Experiencing Venice, Italy

At night, you can choose among restaurants, both classy and casual, discoteques, music concerts from classical to opera to pop, and theater. If you're a clothes horse, you may be drawn to Venice's shopping scene, which offers a wide selection of the latest European fashions. Venetian leather craftsmanship in particular is worth mentioning; here you will find some of the softest leather jackets, shoes, clothes and gloves you may ever encounter.

Attractions and shopping are well and good, but some travelers are more interested in the human dimension. Venice is full of people of all ages, young and old, often strolling the streets. Venice is like many European countries in that the people like to enjoy the little things in life, which includes casually socializing in bars, cafés, or on the street. If you know a little Italian, you may just find yourself in a pleasant chat with the locals as well.

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