Williamsburg Virginia

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Williamsburg, Virginia is a historic town that displays a unique connection to its past. Many villages feature public museums that show visitors old photographs, tell stories about past politicians and business leaders, and explain how towns evolved over the years. Williamsburg, on the other hand, has living museums. Live people dress the way their forefathers did back in the 1700s.

They give demonstrations on how blacksmiths, shoemakers, and many other professionals earned money hundreds of years ago. These people make tools, clothing, and other items without the help of modern technology. Instead, they use pulley systems, fire, and their hands to make things. Many Williamsburg, Virginia residents live this simple life day in and day out. They aren't acting when they show people how it was in the old days.

Travelers who visit Williamsburg take tours through restored houses. These homes are decorated with authentic furniture that would have been used during that time period. Because these antiques are so valuable, visitors can only look, not touch or sit on them. Within the town, people can shop through old-fashioned general stores, crafts shops, and antique stores.

Williamsburg, Virginia an Educational Experience

Williamsburg, Virginia makes a popular destination for high school field trips. Some students learn more about American history through real life presentations than they can from textbooks. Williamsburg is a truly different world, one that history buffs of all ages will find fascinating.

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