Cambodia Custom Travel

Written by Tara Peris
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Cambodia custom travel was once the region's best kept secret. For years, depressed tourism meant that few foreigners entered the country. This left room for those in the know to enjoy the country's rich resources via affordable personalized tours. Although not formally over, those days are disappearing as people catch on to this great vacation spot.

For years, Cambodia was a well-kept secret. Its sparkling beaches remained empty and many of its historical landmarks went unfrequented. As the country separates itself from years of war and political unrest, this trend is beginning to change.

Cambodia Custom Travel for the Budget Conscious
These favorable shifts make it an ideal time to visit. Increased tourism has created some basic infrastructure for travelers that makes it much easier to get by. Further, Cambodia custom travel remains very affordable, although prices are bound to rise as tourism develops. These tours allow a safe, comprehensive introduction to this fascinating region.

Critically, Cambodia is still a developing country and remains somewhat unstable. This need not deter travelers from visiting. Rather, it should serve as a reminder for the need for caution and good judgment. This means hiring a guide, either for a Cambodia custom travel tour or a general group package.

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