Silk Road Tours

Written by Tara Peris
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Silk Road tours allow travelers to explore one of the world's oldest trade routes. Over the course of one week, it is possible to traverse varied terrain that includes some of China's most precious sites. Relive the excitement of an era long past by traveling this captivating road for yourself.

Silk Road tours remain a popular choice for those visiting China because they allow travelers to explore some of the country's most historically important sites in a meaningful fashion. Rather than visiting cities in a disjointed manner and stringing together historical facts in an ad hoc fashion, travelers can follow an organized trade path. This road is centuries old and those who travel it quickly gain a clear appreciation for its historical importance.

Choosing Your Silk Road Tours
Silk Road tours can take many formats, but they often begin at Xian, a city known for its terra cotta warriors. Heading west, travelers often stop at Dunhuang, where they can explore ancient cave art and other world-renowned antiquities. From there, a number of other sites are possible, including Niya and Korla.

Visitors should allot at least one week to this journey, as flight time eats away a significant portion of travel time. In addition, it makes sense to look for group packages that are almost always more cost effective. Consult a guidebook for additional recommendations on making the trip run smoothly.

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