Terra Cotta Soldiers

Written by Tara Peris
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Terra cotta soldiers are one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Chinese city of Xian. Known for their lifelike renderings, these soldiers are over 2000 years old. Their detail and artistry make them well worth a visit for anyone interested in Chinese antiquities.

No visit to the Silk Road city of Xian would be complete without seeing the terra cotta soldiers. These statues are almost alarming in their detail, standing over five feet tall. Although they used to have colorful adornment, time has taken its toll and many of their colors have faded.

Realistic Terra Cotta Soldiers
What is perhaps most striking about the terra cotta soldiers, however, is the image they conjure of real battles. From their carefully depicted armor to their sturdy build and rugged faces, these warriors are poised for the frontlines. From both a historical and artistic standpoint, these soldiers merit viewing.

The easiest way to see the terra cotta soldiers is to plan a trip to Xian. This ancient city gained notoriety as a starting point for caravans traveling the famed Silk Road, and is worth a visit in its own right. A few days should suffice, and the trip will prove well worth it.

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Terra cotta soldiers colorful adornment

Actually many warriors still had color adornments when they were unearthed. The colors quickly faded away because the warriors were exposed in the air. But according to http://www.terracotta-warriors.com/, a German company has already found ways to prevent the color from fading.