Travel To The Great Wall Of China

Written by Tara Peris
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Every year, thousands of visitors travel to the Great Wall of China. Built over 2000 years ago, this sprawling wall holds considerable architectural and historical importance that helps it to retain its status as one of the world's great wonders. No trip to China is complete without a visit to this important landmark.

The Great Wall was built over the course of several different dynasties, and thus, reflects the diverse traditions and architectural leanings of numerous historical periods. Originally intended as a form of protection that would demarcate various state lines, the wall has come to be a symbol of Chinese nationalism. It remains one of the most traveled destinations in the world.

When to Travel to the Great Wall of China
Tourism is active year-round, and the best way to ensure an enjoyable trip is to sign up for a formal tour before departure. These tours can organize viewing of the vast wall, and can impart historical details in a manner that far exceeds simple guidebooks. The sheer length of the wall (over 4,000 miles) requires travelers to be selective in what they view.

Travel to the Great Wall of China is made considerably easier by pre-arranged tours that can help visitors to organize their time. These guided treks are not the only way to travel to the Great Wall of China, but they go a long way toward making the journey easier. Take some time to research the alternatives, and see for yourself what makes the most sense.

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