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Reno Nevada

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At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Truckee Meadows lies the sparkling city of Reno, Nevada. A charming little town with a big city bite, Reno is hailed as the "Biggest Little City in the World," and with good reason! From its world-renowned casinos to its five-star resorts and restaurants, Reno may be small but it packs a big punch.

Although the city celebrates its contemporary reputation as one of America's most popular playgrounds, Reno wasn't always such a happening hot spot. Discovered in the early 1800s by American colonists, the stretch of pristine Western mountain land now known as Reno was then nothing more than a temporary settling ground for pioneers.

With the discovery of gold and silver in nearby Virginia City in the 1850s, things began to change. An entrepreneur by the name of Charles Fuller acquired some land in the area and built a toll bridge across the Truckee River. He did so in order to provide mining hopefuls with an easy passage from the California Trail to Virginia City. . .for a price. Not surprisingly, his plan was successful.

Not long after Fuller's bridge was built, a small community began to develop in the area. This community was christened Lake's Crossing and enjoyed moderate success as a pit stop among miners and travelers. It was not until the Central Pacific Railroad built a depot at Lake's Crossing, however, that the city truly began to take shape. Officially incorporated as a city on May 13, 1868, Lake's Crossing was renamed Reno and a star was born.

Contemporary Reno
Today, Reno is a spectacular vacation hotspot enjoyed by individuals from all over the world. Known for its luxury resort casinos, exciting nightlife, beautiful landscapes and (of course) its liberal marriage and divorce laws, Reno is the place where adults come to kick back, relax and have fun! What's more, its magnificent climate punctuates the city's reputation as a year-round travel destination. In Reno, there is no such thing as a low season.

The great thing about Reno is the fact there is so much to do. Although many visitors travel to Reno for the gambling, Reno is celebrated for much more than its slot machines and poker tables. Unlike Las Vegas, Reno's picturesque locale is ideal for tons of outdoor activities. From horseback riding in the Sierra Nevadas to waterskiing in Lake Tahoe, Reno truly has it all.

Something for Everyone in Reno
Another great thing about Reno is that it is a great place for families. Although there is certainly no shortage of things for adults to do in Reno, the city's small-town charm is also host to a wide variety of kid-friendly activities. What's more, most of the area hotels feature terrific childcare services. So once the kids are in bed (and carefully supervised by a professional), the parents can play!

In Reno, there is something for everyone. From its world-famous ski resorts to its opulent casinos, there is always something going on in town. With its world-class service, friendly locals and charming village appeal, there is no place quite like Reno, Nevada.

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