Honeymoon Getaways

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Vacations are always exciting to plan, but surely honeymoon getaways are the most exciting of all. The honeymoon vacation you choose will set the tone for your days to come, and you will be trying to make it as luxurious, spectacular, yet romantic and cozy as you can. Exciting though it may be, planning your honeymoon is going to take some thought if you want to make sure there are no disappointments.

One of the most famous and fashionable locations for honeymoon getaways is the Caribbean. Good weather is guaranteed, and the whole area is geared to luxurious vacations. If you can manage the expense, I'd recommend a private island rental. That's about as secluded and romantic as you'll get with any vacation plan! Chances are, you won't want to come home!

Luxury and Honeymoon Getaways

Honeymoon getaways should always be luxurious, unless you're both quite hopelessly the explorer type, in which case you might get away with a log cabin in Big Bear, or a hunting lodge in Colorado! Most honeymooners though regard luxury as a very necessary part of their nuptial celebrations!

How about a luxury villa anywhere you care to choose? Luxury villas are big business as far as honeymoon getaways are concerned. Just a quick rundown of possible locations includes Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, or the Caribbean. Then again, if you're really into romance, why not consider a castle in Europe? Bavaria in Germany and Scotland are two places you will find some exquisitely romantic castles for honeymoon getaways!

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